In 1983, the María Ayuda Foundation was founded by Father Hernán Alessandri Morandé with the mission to restore dignity to the most destitute Chilean boys and girls, to strengthen them and their families by nurturing and educating them, in order that they will experience healing in their personal lives, with others, and with God through preventive and reparative processes to enable them to grow as free, responsible persons that will demonstrate solidarity towards others.

Social Programs and Activities

For nearly three decades, the María Ayuda Foundation has carried out this mission with skill, love, and professionalism. The Foundation serves the most vulnerable and/or unappreciated children in Chilean society by confronting the following areas of social concern

  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Reality/Latchkey Children
  • Adolescent Mothers-to-be
  • Children with cancer
  • Quality Education

Each Maria Ayuda program uses a child-family-community approach, which helpschildren by involving their families (whether nuclear or extended), and communities tofacilitate their healing process. The types of intervention are tailored to take into account each child’s specific needs.

Social Programs Location

  • Residential Home Iquique
  • Residential HomesAntofagasta
  • Shelter Home Viña
  • Residential Home Curicó
  • Residential Homes Concepción
  • Shelter Home Concepción
  • Residential and Shelter Homes Los Angeles
  • Residential Home Temuco
  • Residential Home Santiago
  • Residential Oncological Home Santiago
  • Shelter Home La Granja
  • SantiagoShelter Home Puente Alto
  • SantiagoTreatment Center
  • SantiagoSchool

SantiagoGoverning Body

The Maria Ayuda Board of Directors is the Foundation’s governing body. All members are responsible for gaining a basic understanding and initiating action in support of Maria Ayuda´s mission, goals, and programs. This includes assisting and expanding Maria Ayuda´s outreach and increasing its visibility and donor support. All board members are volunteers and serve without compensation.

2010 Board of Directors

  • President: Oscar BrahmVice
  • President: Ignacio de Iruarrizaga
  • Treasurer: Jaime Rivera
  • Pastoral Adviser: Father Francisco Pereira
  • Board Member: Juan Alfredo García
  • Board Member: Francisco Pérez Mackenna
  • Board Member: Jorge Opazo
  • Board Member: María Teresa Tagle
  • Board Member: Clemente González

Executive Team (appointed by The Board of Directors)

  • Commercial Director: Francisca Medeiros (fmedeiros@mariaayuda.cl)
  • Social and Administration Director: José Manuel Jaramillo (jmjaramillo@mariaayuda.cl)
  • Social Programs Sub-director: Luz Fontecilla
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